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Blood, Sweat and a few Tears

Well the painting is finally done! Hallelujah!

I am so glad that we finally got the hallway painted, and I'm even more glad that I hired out part of the job.

I got done about 4 pm yesterday afternoon, and then I took the evening off {mostly}.

So without any ado, lets get to the show.

So here's the entry, I think I need to do something above the to decide what. :)

This is looking up to the balcony from the foyer. Just look at all that wall space. Its begging for something. I'm thinking old, interesting doors. :)

So here are the stairs. We're going to be heading upstairs now. Please pay no mind to the bag of laundry hanging off the banister. Doesn't the living room color look nice with the hallway color?

So here's the view at the top of the stairs. The bedroom doors are not usually closed, but I love the look of the crisp white trim against the walls. Love!

Here's looking out over the balcony! See what I mean about that wall space up there. I'm still thinking doors hung up there would look awesome. :)

Ok so lets go back downstairs. Here's the stairwell again. Usually that wall, along the stairs is full of pictures. I get to rehang all of them. Joy.

So now we're downstairs again.I love how all the colors work together.  BTW, this diagonal wall is where Harrison left his mark in yesterday's post.

Here's the area as above, but looking at it from the family room.

And here we are at the end of the painted portion.

So it was a LOT of work, and my whole body felt like it had been trampled by a herd of cows at the end of it, but it was SO worth it. I love how the color works with the rest of the colors in the house. I also love that it absorbs some of the sunlight that comes into the house, because that white was just blinding sometimes.

So you guys are probably wondering what color this is. Well it's Lyndhurst Mushroom by Valspar.

Funny story about the paint though. I went to Lowe's to get a 5 gallon bucket for the whole space. I wanted to get the signature line (paint + primer) in eggshell, but they were out of that in 5 gallon tubs, so I said ok, how about in gallons (there was a $6 difference between them). Out of that too, the color is a base 4. Then I suggest a 5 gallon bucket of the regular paint. Nope, out of that too. They've got a truck there and its unloading but the paint on it won't be ready to sell for at least an hour....well I'm not coming back, so I get 5 1-gallon buckets of regular paint in eggshell. Finally!

So then I decide that I'm going to get the bathroom paint. I ask for 1 gallon of the signature stuff in eggshell for the master bath. No dice. Ok, 2 gallons of the regular paint in eggshell. Still no dice. This color needs base 2 and apparently it is also popular. So then I say, how about 1 gallon of signature in matte. Yay! Done deal.

Then I get a quart of paint for a furniture project. Luckily, they have it's base in stock and in the signature line. :)

Well I hope you guys have enjoyed the photo tour of this very trying project.

I'll see you tomorrow!

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  1. Looks fabulous! Your foyer is very similar to ours but we have a landing under our top window that I am thinking of adding some rustic shutters to. I painted up as far as I could go on my own and then we had our yard guy at the time finish it off for us since it was his down season. Trust me I know your pain!