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Did you feel that?

So as most of the news has probably reported today - there was an earthquake in Virginia. A 5.9 one.

This is actually my third earthquake, although I feel like my 'first' one doesn't count because I don't remember it. I was with my dad at UVa in one of the labs when it occurred.

The 2nd was my junior year of high school. Sitting in my last class of the day, Physics, and it sounded like someone had dropped a desk on the 2nd floor. It was a 1.2 and it made headlines for 3 days in Manassas.

So today was a little more scary. It happened I'd usually have been in my sewing room working on a project, but instead Stephen and I were sitting at the kitchen table, finishing up a late lunch when it started.

It started off sounding like one of the big dump trucks that frequently go through our neighborhood (the back section of our subdivision is still under construction) but then it didn't stop. It got worse, almost like a contraction.

We ran upstairs for the kids. Harrison was asleep, Dev in his room playing on his computer.

Short story shorter - everyone is fine. Harrison slept through the entire thing. Dev asked why everything was shaking and we explained it to him.

So now that I'm back from the dentist - I know I'm the bravest of them all - go to the dentist after an earthquake - I'm going to keep working on my projects that I didn't get to today. :)


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  1. Glad everyone was okay and it wasn't a major quake. I dont think i've ever been through one at least i dont remember.