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Technicolor Cupcakes!

We've all seen the rainbow cakes or cupcakes, and I love them.

They're so fun and unexpected. :) Especially if you top them with plain white icing. :)

I decided to makes these cupcakes for our family reunion, which was over a month ago.

I know I'm a slacker for not posting this up earlier. :)

I followed these directions: A Law Student's Journey: Rainbow Cupcakes

I did not have gel food coloring, but I had neon 'regular' food coloring, which worked just fine. Unfortunately, I only have  pictures of the process - not the final product.

Well that would be the end of my pictures, but the cupcakes were good, and just so you know what they kind of looked like, I'm going to borrow a picture from my inspiration recipe.
Oh but I am going to leave you with a couple of cute pictures of the boys. Why? Cause I can :)

Steve was playing with his new camera.
 This guy was sleeping during the process, but he did enjoy some of the cupcakes the next day. :)

Devlin and our friend, Byrd, are goofing off while I make the cupcakes.

Hope you guys enjoyed!


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