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The Belated Monday Report - Winter Training Week 1

The Monday Report

Good Morning Wednesday! Here's your edition of the Monday Report.

I know it's a bit late, but I've had a hectic couple of weeks. October is a busy month for the family. We've got 3 birthdays. 2 in one week and the last is only 3 weeks after the first. So busy.

Even with the bustle of getting birthday gifts made and a small party planned, I still got 2 official workouts in. There was a lot of house cleaning done last week too. House work is hard work, especially with a toddler who just revels in undoing what you just did.

The RunDown

The Rundown

Tuesday - I took my friend's express spin class and it was fun. Terrible, but fun. She kicked my butt. My legs felt like jell-o after the fact, and going down the stairs was interesting.

Saturday - Was supposed to do 5 - 6 miles, but I did 3 miles. I did 3 miles, while talking on the phone with my sister the whole time. I also managed to maintain an 11:21 pace. Not to shabby. I forgot how much I enjoyed talking on the phone and running. Two birds and all that.

I also really think that's why I struggled with breathing this year. Last year, during my first half training, I did a lot of my long runs while chatting on the phone with my mom and sister. This year, I didn't do that, and after Saturday's run, I really feel like it's because I'd lost the ability to use my entire lung capacity. Holding a conversation and running really requires your lungs to multitask. I may have to enlist their help during my long runs again.


Well seeing as how we're now halfway through the next week, I'm just going to say my goals are to get a run in, and go to spin class. It's another busy week, so I'm busy getting things around the house done.

Motivation Moment

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