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Buckland Farm Market

As the weekend approaches, I know some of you are going to go off to parties and such, but if you're in the DC Metro area and you don't mind hightailing it out to Fauquier County then you definitely should stop and visit at Buckland Farm Market.

No, this is not a paid endorsement, but we've been twice this last week and I gotta tell ya....Its going to be dangerous for me whenever I go down to visit my mom.

Mom has been singing its praises for a little while now, and then Bet started singing them. She found steel-cut oats for the best price she's ever seen. She drives up from down near Charlottesville to get these oats.

So I finally stopped by last week with Mom. We were going to meet up there before heading on to her house, and I'm so glad that we stopped. We ended up with 5 pumpkins, a bag of homemade animal crackers, a jar of apple salsa, some local honey (poor boys are suffering from allergies). The next visit ended up with another pumpkin, more animal crackers (the boys are crazy about them!), some fig jam, and party mix. All of this is locally grown (most of it on their farm), but they also provide baked goods from a local bakery.
This is the back part of the store, where the dry goods are stored, along with some of the produce and baked goods. 

For Halloween and pumpkin season there is also a Maize Maze and a small playground for the older guys. They have chickens and rabbits out for the kids to look at and pet, altho the chickens like to peck. :)
The playground is back there, and these are just a few of the pumpkins they have set out in front of the maze, which is behind it all. There are more pumpkins around the side of the building. 
Well I hope guys, if you're in the area, will take the field trip out to Buckland Farm Market, if you need more incentive....Well there are several nice vineyards in the area including The Winery at La Grange and Pearmund Cellars.

I hope you guys have a great Halloween, and I'll see you Monday! I can't wait to see the desert that Dana whips up tomorrow. Yea, I know its a desert...I cheated  :)

Have a great day!

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  1. Is it open in the winter??? I would LOVE to go when Mike and I come up in December.