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Finger Painting with M&M's

I hope that everyone had a terrific Halloween. We sure did! Stephen and I are now enjoying candy. Not Dev's candy as I think he's probably taken a tally of his take, but Harrison's. He doesn't mind. :)

Here's all of us in our costumes.

Yes, someone is missing. Daddy is not there. Dev resigned himself to Daddy not being Bowser pretty quickly, but he did demand that Stephen have a costume, so Daddy dressed up as Reverend Daddy for the evening. Saturday night we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house and stopped by {crashed} their neighbor's party. Luckily, Mom and Dad live next to the nicest family I've ever known. They welcomed us with open arms. We didn't stay very long as Harrison didn't last too long, but Dev had fun hitting on all of the girls, and playing with some of the boys.

Unlike this year, last year Harrison was only 3 weeks old and we didn't even bother with trying to get candy for him. We just asked nicely {in that parent way} that Dev share his candy with Mom and Dad. He did....cause he's awesome. This year is an entirely new ball game. Dev does not want to share. He wants to barter. Harrison doesn't have a choice {thankfully}. So we traded all of Harrison's peanut M&M's for Dev's original M&M's, and then we let the boys have some candy before bed. Little did we know just how messy 1 bag of M&M's is with a 1-year old. Silly parents.

Yea still trying to get that coloring off of his hands. He might have to have an AM bath. le sigh. Thankfully Devlin was much better about his candy eating process. Here is the ham showing off.

Yep, mouth full and showing off his spoils. Not bashful at all about how much he got. He did remember his manners and thanked every one we visited in the neighborhood. Although he was saying Trick or Treating. :) Everyone got a laugh out of that. It was nice of Daddy to hop into that first picture wasn't it? I can't wait to show Dev that picture. He'll get a kick out of it.

Well I hope you guys have a great Monday, and tomorrow I think I might share some food recipes, because the laundry room is not done {yet} because of technical difficulties and I have to light a fire and get some pillows made.

Have a great day guys!

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