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Holiday Gift Fair

Saturday was my very first gift fair, and it was a learning experience. I met a lot of nice ladies, and chatted with them throughout the day. There was not a lot of traffic, but for the traffic we got I'm quite happy with what we sold. I got a lot of ideas about where to head with the etsy shop and what changes to make to what I sell.

I want to share with you guys what the booth looked like. It did change a couple of time during the day as I rotated the pillowcases around and what not, but I am quite happy with how our space turned out.

I need send out a big thank you to Marian for all of her help and advice on setting up the booth. She answered all of my questions, because I was quite apprehensive about how it was all going to come together. :)

So without further ado, here is what the space looked like Friday night.

There are a couple of blank spots/pillows, because not everything was brought Friday night. I still had 3 pillows to finish, and there were some that were still in the wash when we left to set up our booth. The chair came in handy to hold up two of the windows I picked up at the estate auction several weeks ago. I broke out all the windows (some of them already were broken) and then just cleaned them up and strung a jute string across one of them and voila! Instant display space. :) 

These are two of my new favorite pillows. The Family Tree on the left is customizable to whatever names you want to put on it, and the tree can also be replaced with a house. A tutorial will be coming soon for this pillow. The silk on the right is also for sale. Its just a modified version of the Braided Pillow I did a while ago. I wish that lovely turquoise matched something in my house.....because I would love to keep her!  All of the pillows shown will be for sale in the etsy shop tomorrow. I need to take new pictures of all them. :)  

So here's a shot of the windows and chair holding up all of the lovelies. I am going to be making another pair of the pink square pleated pillow, because those two lovelies sold. They're being put into a little girls nursery! So cute! Also some of the pillows from the shop previously will be on sale or getting revamped, to reflect some of the new ideas I had while manning the booth. :)  

So here is what the booth looked like Saturday morning after we stocked it up with the rest of the goodies!
Mom knitted up 7 pillows and they were a big hit. We sold 4 of the Charlie Brown Chevrons which in the picture was the pillow behind the green pillow on the chair. In the picture, the pillow just looks like a knitted oat-colored pillow, but running through the center of it is a raised chevron pattern. Its really pretty, but unfortunately this is the best picture I have of it. Mom is diligently working up another pair for another customer (in a gorgeous faded terracotta color) and then she will be making some lovelies for the shop. 

Like I said, the day was very educational and entertaining. Everything will be back up in the shop tomorrow {sometime} and I just want to remind everyone that we do like special orders. If you see something you like, but need it in a different color then shoot me an email {haboyajian at gmail dot com} and tell me what you'd like to see.

I will be sharing some tutorials this week about some of the pillows up there, especially the pleated ones. So I hope you all have a great day today and enjoy yourselves!


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