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Some Window Love!

I'm not going to lie when I tell y'all that I love having a pile of wonderful old windows at my disposal. I've been wanting to update the space over my mantle for quite some time now. Its not that it looked bad or anything, but I just wanted a change. So I pulled out some windows. :)

I took the oldest two of the pile and cleaned them up (and got splinters in my hands) and then set them aside for about 3 weeks. Then when I was searching for windows for the display I came across two other windows that would be perfect for my burgeoning idea for the wall space. So out they came and along with the hose.

I played with a couple of configurations for the windows and then finally decided on one. I attached all of the windows with braces. For the little windows I elevated them with small blocks and then attached the braces to them.

The original plan was to have the windows lean on the mantle and then decorate around them, but I completely forgot that the windows would be front heavy. So they are leaning now, but they will be hung. I just  have to get a cleat for them. An unfortunate thing that I did not anticipate was not being able to have the taller items that I had had on my mantle there. Hopefully all will be corrected when the windows are hung.

I'm very excited to get them hung up on the wall. :) Actually I'm excited that they're leaning up there, but I'm even more excited about the other plans for this area.

I hope you guys have a great day and enjoy yourselves!

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  1. It's going to look fabulous!! Can't wait to see the rest of the project.