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Not the best day ever....

So I have another reason to not like St. Patty's Day. It will probably be a funny story tomorrow. Well maybe  not, but maybe on Sunday it'll be funny. I'm sharing/venting so bear with me. :)

Today was cleaning day. Top to bottom cleaning day. So I had just given the upstairs the final stamp of cleaning approval when I started vacuuming the stairs. When I made it down to the first landing the vacuum decided to viciously attack me, probably because I made it clean up the dogs' bed area. Well I dodged his attack, yes our vacuum is a he, and knocked him to the floor, but also screamed like there was an eight foot boa constrictor coming at me.

Said scream draws the attention of the hubs who comes to the bottom of the stairs to make sure that I'm not strangling the vacuum, and I inform him that I'm fine. What we both missed was that Harrison had come up behind Steve right next to the corner of the stairs, and Steve turned and H fell and knocked his head on the corner of the wall busting his eyebrow open.

Well as most parents know - eye injuries bleed A LOT. So after some going back and forth about whether to call 911 or not, we get the bleeding to almost stop and I realize that we do need to take him to the ER because he will need stitches.

So we call my Mom to babysit Dev, try to calm Dev down because he's scared for his brother, all the while trying to get shoes and things we need just for the trip to the ER, you know like blankets and sippy cups. Amongst all this chaos, Harrison falls asleep. I don't know if this is good or bad. Part of me says its good and the other part not good, you know with a head injury and all. I got a little more nervous when he wasn't waking up or even stirring during all the goings-on.

So we get to the ER, which luckily is not more than 5 or so minutes down the road, and it took longer to sign in than waiting in the lobby. We got seen almost immediately and they started looking at H's injury. The doc asked about using glue, but after discussing the boys' playing antics we decided that stitches would be the better way to go. Oh I should mention he slept all through the injury irrigation which worried all of us even more, including the doc. Luckily, at the very end of the doc's first visit H started to wake up.

Well, he was a  trooper through the first round of numbing gel, and through the numbing needle, then came the curved needle and thread. That we did not like.

Three stitches later we were done and getting discharged. Tomorrow morning we have to talk to Dev about being a little less rough with H, at least until the stitches come out. Next Tuesday. For now, I'm going to unwind, try not to think about the cleaning that still needs to get done and plan for our trip to the zoo tomorrow. :)

Have a nice night y'all!


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