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Through the Looking Glass

Well I mentioned yesterday that I was altering two lamps at the same time and here's the 2nd one. :)

We've had a wonderful chrome floor lamp for a few year now and I still love the lamp, but the hubs never really liked where I put it in the family room. It blocked a speaker {the horror}. ;-)

So when I found this pretty glass number at the Salvation Army a few weeks ago, I knew just what I was going to do with it. Paint it!

So I busted out the looking glass paint from Krylon. I love and hate this paint. I love the mirror finish. I would love it more if I could get it to give me a perfect finish. Part of my problem may be the fact that I've not painted anything flat, but I still feel like my problem is not completely my fault, but moving on.

So busted out the mirror paint, and after several light coats and many, many, MANY curse words finally got the lamp to where I wanted it. Then I had a problem. What the heck color should I paint that awful brass?  Hmmm....what's this color over here? It could be  chrome or aluminum. I have no idea because the cap is missing, but the paint down the front of it is silvery so lets go with it. Its all very scientific, you know. :)

So I spray away. Ooops, apparently its aluminum. Ah well. We'll see how it goes. So then I put it all back together again and heres what I got. :)
 So lets recap:
 I am loving my new table edition. I love her girly lines {remember I'm outnumbered} and her sparkling personality. :)

So very happy with my lamp  purchases. :)

I hope you guys have a wonderful day,

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  1. I loved both of your lamp make-overs. And I can totally relate to the speaker-husband issues. We finally have them in the ceiling so I only have to deal with the sub-wolfer thing.
    Great projects.