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In the Interim

So I have several projects in the works, but I have no pictures of them. Nor are they done.

So that leaves me with a whole lotta nuttin' to show you, BUT I can revisit last year's Easter tablescape. 1 - because I'm not completely happy with this year's tablescape and 2 - it was early in my bloggy life, so some of you guys may not have seen it. :)

So here we go! :)

 I was such a noob when I originally posted this. The format of the post is awful, but everything still looks nice! The paper Easter ornaments are originally from this post {HERE}. Look at the plain, simple table. No plates, cups, saucers or goblets. The things I've learned. :)

 Oh did you guys notice the lack of furniture in this room?  And how about that wall color? I love the new furniture and the new paint color in this room. :) 

 You know what is funny though? I used that denim table runner again for this year's tablescape. Hrm. I guess I do stick with some things. But not those lampshades. Those are gone.

Ok so here's the deal. Tomorrow I will post up the tablescape whether its done or not. Kapiesh? Hopefully you guys don't find it too rough.

Have a terrific day guys!

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