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Here's my note.....

Sorry about yesterday guys. I didn't think my dentist appointment would take it out of me like it did. I'm usually pretty good about dental work. Not this time.

Not to get into too much detail, don't want to go TMI, ya know, but I have inherited gum disease from my darling mother. :) Thanks Ma! Not.  I had to have scaling done. Yesterday was the final half of my mouth to get done, and boy did it take it out of me. I don't know why. I couldn't feel a lot of, but the sound. Oh the sound. I hate the sound of metal against my teeth. Its like nails on a chalkboard. I think I cringed the whole appointment, and if I wasn't cringing then I was wringing strangling my hands. Not. A. Fan.

So anyways, after my appointment the only thing I wanted to do was pass out, so the hubs graciously let me sleep the entire time that H was down. He'd gone down for his nap about 20 minutes before I got home, and then let me sleep for the next 3 hours - you have to love when the baby sleeps for 3.5 hours. I felt a lot better when I woke up. Not 100%, but at least 90%.

Today, however, I am 110%. I got up at 5:55 this morning with Harrison, and we had some nice time together before Dev joined us. We had breakfast, we chatted it up, I told him to get over himself. :)

Then while I was walking the dog, I decided to snap some pictures of the awesome thrifty find I talked about on Monday. At least until she got herself tangled under the car. I don't know how she did this, but suffice to say she's an idiot. A cute idiot, but an idiot nonetheless.

So here are the shots of the thrifty find and the next project in the list. :)

There is a mirror with this dresser. Its a lovely harp shape and the mirror swings. The dresser looks like its an old dressing table.

Want to know the best part about this piece? It cost me $53. Amazing right? And there's more! All of the profit from this piece went to benefit people with disabilities. Cool, right? I think so. :)  As you can also see the garage is a MESS right now. There are like 8,000 projects going on in there right now.

This poor darling also needs some good TLC. I'm thinking of stripping her down and pickling her, and then adding some glass knobs to the drawers. What do you guys think? She'll end up in our guest room. The current dresser in there will be refinished and then I'll put that one up for sale. :)

So here's the next project on the list. Stephen is actually hounding me to get this one done, but there's one small problem.
He's using the new TV console as a stacking area for the bookshelves he's putting in his study, which I still haven't shown you. I'll get there. :) Makes it a little difficult to get the piece ready for paint and stain. I've already run some liquid sander on her, but I forget why I stopped after that. Oh yea....I started working on the Faux Bois Nightstands. :)
 The cabinet is a good height. Small hands will not be able to reach the electronics, which will actually go on the top of the unit. I don't mind having them in plain sight. I can always build a riser over them to put stuff.
 Look at all the detail on this thing. I hate the color, but love all the moulding work. I'm painting the body of this piece and then the top will get stained a nice walnut color. I'm hoping that I can stain the top. There is some damage to it, and I'm hoping its not veneered. We'll see when I strip it! Oh and I got this little number for $63 at the Salvation Army on 25% off Wednesdays! Love me a sale. :)

So that's the next big project on the list. I have things I want to sew and a few other small projects. Wow, the list is still growing. Oh well. I guess I better get started.

See you guys tomorrow! I can't wait. :)


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