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Its Epic Bed Time!

I cannot tell you guys how excited I am to share this with you!

SO VERY EXCITED!!! Can ya dig it?

Remember the auction haul from last year?

Wha!?!? You don't remember? Well let me just jog your memories. :)
There's the bed! The one off to the right.

It needed some love. The veneer was destroyed on the footboard and the finish had seen better days. I fixed the worse of the veneer damage with some wood epoxy, but then here's where the trouble started. The epoxy wouldn't take the stain or any color, which threw a huge monkey wrench in my plans.

I had originally wanted to show off the detail of the scroll work by having the upholstery only go to the line created by the scroll work, but because of the veneer damage on the footboard I  couldn't do that. The color difference was too great, so I decided the best way to deal with the veneer problem was to cover it up - completely.

So the first thing I did was cover the pieces with some high loft batting, and I stapled sporadically around the piece. The just cut around the edges. I made sure to not cut to close in, because you can always take more off, but you can't put it back on.
So next was the vinyl. I spread the vinyl over the entire piece and then began to staple every few inches for about 8 inches. Then I pulled the vinyl taut from the opposite side and staple a few inches like I did before. Then I moved to one side and pulled that side taut against the edge and lay down a few staples. I do the same for the last side, afterwards I just move around the piece, smoothing and pulling on the vinyl and stapling it down. After all that I just trim around the staples, trying to get as close to the staples as possible.
 Then it was time to bust out the glue gun.

Until it broke. Crap! I had an O-ring fall out of my glue gun, but it was still working - kind of.

Even though I had to manually feed the glue sticks through the gun, I got the flexible braid adhered.

I am loving the look!
 I love this bed! I almost wish I hadn't told my friend that I'd sell it to her, but I did, and she's got it all set up already in her guest bedroom.

Doesn't it look perfect?
I love it! I really like the red against the warm tones of the brown, and the worn look of the vinyl is perfect. :)

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post, because I certainly enjoyed sharing it!

See ya later Alligators :)


  1. I'm in love with this bed. But I'm a little biased... :) Thanks for giving it up!

  2. That's beautiful! I'll be needing a new headboard soon so I'll definitely keep this in mind.

  3. This looks great. Thanks for the idea and for sharing. It is really inspiring for those wood projects that I just can not get to work.

  4. That is really great. you did such a good job

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  8. Love, love, LOVE this! Well done.

  9. Super cute...thanks for sharing!! i am happy to be your newest follower. please stop by for book club if you're interested--connie,

  10. Great work! It does look great all set up.

  11. You did a fabulous job! The bed turned out wonderful.

  12. Looks Great..fantastic idea and work !!

  13. Hi Heather, Love this idea and that you were still able to keep the detail of the wood. Looks fantastic! Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase party - I greatly appreciate it. I am a little behind commenting...but I have featured this last week. Hope you have a wonderful week ~ Stephanie Lynn