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Just an update

I have nothing to share. I mean, I have stuff in the works, but nothing is done.

Why is nothing done? Well, there are a couple of reasons. Want to hear my excuses reasons? ;-)

1) Oil paint takes 24 hours to dry fully before recoating. I have put 3 coats on a project. I should be able to begin 'real' work on this project today.

2) My carpenter has not finished his projects, so I can't even share his work. Although, I may just share his progress tomorrow, because I'm so proud of what he's done. :)

3) My upholstery project is not done, because I haven't started it yet, because of numerous family things and my workspace was invaded by the carpenter from #2.

4) I did get an adorable pair of shorts made for the boys, but I don't want to share that yet, because I'm waiting on the pictures that a girlfriend took, because she's way more talented than me. :)

5) Because of #1, my craft room is a disaster area, and I can't work in there without wanting to beat something. Its that messy/disorganized.

So hopefully after all the painting is done, I will dye my hair, do my nails and then share all of those projects with you.

Please bear with me while I get my butt in gear to get this stuff done for you guys. I do so love sharing my little adventures and accomplishments with you guys.

I am a fan of pats on the back. :)

You know what I'm in love with.......the new blog, My Favorite Hate Mail.

I love reading the posts, and shaking my head over what sense of empowerment that sitting behind a computer gives these bullies - BUUUUUT along those lines....I've never received any hate mail on this blog. I feel left out. Will one of you very nice readers give me some hate mail?

I promise not to get mad. It would make me happy, I know I'm sick, but I'm feeling left out.

Ok, I'm getting back to work. I can't wait to share something with you guys tomorrow. :)


PS - not a fan of the new blogger draft thingymajigger!  It lost my signature image! Not to mention a whole host of other things I'm now going to have to get used to. I DO NOT LIKE CHANGE BLOGGER!!! grumble.

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