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Watching Paint Dry...

Remember yesterday where I said I hoped to have something to share today? Well, I don't. Not yet.

One project is getting put back to rights. Anyone know where I can buy baskets for pegboards that won't bankrupt me? I need 3 or 4 baskets.

My workspace, the both of them, are still disaster areas.

But never fear I do have something to share!

Beware Wet Paint!

Are you wondering what that is? Its a small wall where the butler's pantry should be in the house. Oh you mean the black squares? Well they will be shadow boxes. Three of them, but right now they're wet chalkboard paint.

That stuff stinks, in case you didn't know.

Here are some more shots, including all of my pencil mistakes. I will have to do some repainting, but that's ok, because on the other side of that door, as you can see, I've got a color picked. :)
 I plan on framing these boxes out with the same screen moulding thats on the ceiling of the dining room. I still have some of that moulding from the ceiling project. So hopefully I have enough, because that is already painted. :)
The bottom rectangle is for the kids. It stretches 5' up, so that Dev can have a space to draw on  that H can't reach, and the 2nd box is for me. A calendar for meals. It stretches up to 7' but with being so tall it's not an issue. Poor Steve will have to grab a chair.  Oh well. I'm usually the one that writes up the meal menu anyways.

Well I hope you guys aren't too bored by my lack of completed projects. Oh and if you look in the background, you can see the mess from the hub's project.

I have some project maintenance to do tomorrow along with cleaning, lots and lots of cleaning. One of my older projects scared the crap out of H, so maybe I'll share that with you guys tomorrow. :)

Have a great day guys!


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