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I tried, I really did...

It's generally a bad thing to hear me say, "I'm not really sure how this is going to turn out". Usually when I cook, I have a pretty good idea of what I'm going for. Not tonight. I'm not going to drag this out: I failed today. I made some garlic lentils the other day and wasn't very impressed with them, so, stealing an idea from Aarti Sequeira, I thought I would try to fry up some lentil patties to put on buns. Here's photographic proof of the travesty that was tonight's dinner.

Good thing Mike's out of town; I don't need any criticism besides my own today. They didn't turn out bad, but they didn't turn out great either. Well, at least I can say I tried. Better than just straight binning all the lentils without making an attempt. Dust yourself off and try again next week...

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  1. Sometimes things DON;T turn out the way you plan. Just keep trying.
    Love Mom