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Ain't No Party Like My Birthday Tea Party!

Okay, technically it was an "England party", but the idea started out as a tea party. Mike pointed out to me that none of my guy friends would want to come to a tea party, so that's when the change was made. I think it's a bit of a shame really because tea is lovely! It's the most popular drink on earth besides water. Besides, I LOVE tea. I obsess about it really, but you already knew that if you follow this blog regularly. Anyhoo, we had pub food and tea and tea party food, so it was all good! Mike handled the pub food (way to fire up that oven and reheat those fish and chips, love) and I handled the tea and tea party food. I had scones and shortbread and cheese and crackers (not exactly traditional, but I served cheddar, which is English, so there!). I also made a pot of hot black tea and some of Bet's sweet iced tea. The real hit of the party was my...

Ginger Pear Tea
Courtesy Sunny Anderson

1/2 cup sugar
4 cup water
2 pears, peeled and coarsely grated
1" piece ginger, sliced into 1/8" coins

In a medium pot bring water, grated pear, ginger and sugar to a boil over medium heat. Reduce heat to a simmer and cook until the pears are very soft, about 30 minutes Remove from heat and strain into a bowl. Refrigerate until chilled, about 2 hours.

I have no pictures, but I can tell you that this tea only lasted about half an hour. Now, you may ask, "Where's the tea? How can it be tea if there's no tea in it?" That's the beauty of tea, it can be pretty much anything. Mint tea is nothing more than mint leaves and occasionally spearmint and tarragon as well (if you follow Tazo's recipe). I do have some pictures of the party, though!

Welcome to our pub, The Stoat and Crown. I made this image in Photoshop to hang up as a sign to welcome all of our guests. Would you believe that no one knows what a stoat is?

Ah, food! See the glass pitcher in the back there? That's the ginger pear tea, or what's left of it. This was taken at the beginning of the party, which shows just how fast it went. :-D

My good friend Jennifer and her daughter Claudia. We told all the ladies to come dressed for a tea party, and Claudia outshone us all! Isn't she precious?

Mike and the birthday girl, me! See that fabulous Fascinator on my head? That is the Great Traveling Fascinator, compliments of my Very good, very English friend Sally. She sent it all the way from Mother England to me just for this event!

Another good friend, also named Jennifer, drinking her tea, as is proper!

Various group shots. Yes, there was even soccer/football on the TV just like in any pub.

Cupcakes! Mike and Jennifer, Claudia's mum, collaborated and got me cupcakes from the best cupcake place in the whole world, The Cupcake Collection! Check it out if you're ever in the Germantown area of Nashville. It's on 6th Street, but anyway they even got me special S'more cupcakes!!!

What an awesome party, and I want to thank all of my wonderful friends who came over and shared it with me. I also send my love out to those who were not able to come; you all were in my thoughts. :-)

Bonus: I'm continuing my birthday celebration today! When Mike asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said, "Get me an experience." Being the sweet, clever man that he is, Mike got me gift cards to Starbucks, World Market, and a spa, all of which are in the same area North of me. I took off of work today and am going out and making a day of it. Mike is calling it Dana's Birthday Experience Day. :-) I truly hope all of your days and upcoming birthdays are just as awesome!

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