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When we moved back to VA from NJ way back in '06, I knew I wanted to plant a small garden on the side of the  townhouse with flowers from my great-grandmother's gardens. When my Aunt Toni offered to dig  up some of her many flowers from Gee's gardens, I jumped on it {so did Mom}.

You guys may {or not} remember my post about her irises last year - Have you met Iris?

Well its time that I show off her day  lilies, and what one bunch has gone and done.

So here is the group of lilies that are right in front of our porch.
 They're perfectly normal, with deep color. I love them.

BTW - the corner of the porch you see is directly below our two baby birds. I have new pictures too!
 ARGH - its very hard to focus the camera with so much to focus on !

 These were taken last week, on the first. They're even more fuzzy now, but how adorable are those little guys!??!

Ok back to my now mutant bunch of lilies. When we moved to the new house, I had to break up my lilies into 3 bunches. 2 in front of the porch and then 1 in the little garden by the driveway.

Well the little garden by the driveway had a twist this year.
 Can you see the difference?
Let's get a closer look -
 Did you see all those extra petals.....and they've gone ruffled! I don't know how this happened. The lilies were all the same when I planted them two years ago. I do love the change though, even if I'm perplexed by it. 
For my birthday, I've asked Stephen to help me with a new garden-scape, but more on that tomororw. :)

Just for recap -
the original lilies

the mutant driveway lilies

So if any of you wonderful readers can offer some insight - I'd be appreciative. I just want to know why the lilies went mutant. I don't want to change them. :)

Thanks for strolling around my flowers with me today!

See you guys tomorrow!

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  1. Do they get more sun? Is it possible they are just drying out?

    So jealous about your baby birds and so so sad ours didn't make it (*$#@$ chipmunks!)