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A Toothy Visit

So today's post is not brought to you by either Dana or I. I'm just typing it because the guy who's behind it is only a little guy. :)

I'm talking about Devlin! Today's post is all about his craftiness and managerial skills.

So you need the back story:

Friday we're at the pool with some friends and chowing down on pizza when Dev says there's something wrong with his tooth. It's falling out he says. He can't bite right on the pizza bone.

So I ask him to come over, because he's really playing with one of his teeth on the bottom, and that sucker is loose! I mean like really lose! He wanted me to pull it out at the pool, but there was so much saliva in his mouth, I couldn't get a good grip. So I tell him he'll just have to live with it, but it would come out this weekend.

Fast forward to Saturday morning - Its my day to sleep in, but the tooth is still really bothering Devlin, so he asks Stephen to pull out his tooth. Stephen cringes a bit and says no. He's not a nursemaid. :)

Dev then asks if he can ask me to pull it out after I get up, and Stephen enthusiastically says yes. So after I'm downstairs and relaxing, Dev comes over and asks if I'll pull his tooth and I say sure. Well I got a good grip on the tooth and the thing didn't even try to stay in his mouth, it came out nice and sweet. He was so excited. I was excited. We were all excited.

So we went to Michael's to get the necessary items for a tooth fairy box, because Dev is a violent sleeper. His sheets never stay tucked in, he ends up on the floor...or the sheets do, and every night we're untangling him and retucking him in, but he is a sound sleeper, because he never - NEVER- wakes up during our nightly administrations.

Dev picked everything himself and here's what he instructed Steve to make! He's got talent!

We found a sticker sheet that was for the tooth fairy and then after dinner, Devlin and Stephen sat down and Dev instructed Stephen on how and where he wanted everything done. :) He's honing his managerial skills already.

So there's my guy's craftiness! So proud of him. I also can't believe that he's losing teeth and oh, I forgot to mention - we're going school shopping for him this Friday. My baby is starting kindergarten!?!!??! I can't believe that's he's gotten so old already. I don't think I'm ready for this, but I'm so excited for him and this new adventure he's about to go on. :)

Have a Happy Monday Y'all!


  1. Fabulous craftiness from your kids! Losing teeth is such a big landmark! worth making a fuss over!Great box!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Oh my gosh that is so cute! I love when my kids get in on the action and get creative. Or maybe i just like that I know I'm rubbing off on them lol. My poor 6 yr old has lost so many teeth up front and the new ones haven't started growing in, there is a huge hole there! 8 in total! I hope you will show this off at my VIP party today!

  3. Cute box!!! And I love that he directed it's beauty. :)

    I think this is a good idea for any kid....I always hated digging around under my daughters head at night. LOL