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Adding the weight

So last week - I lost had lost 10 pounds, but then I somehow added 2 pounds, and then managed to lose 1 of those pounds.

So all told I'm 9 pounds down, which is not bad since tomorrow marks 3 weeks of going to the gym, but I'm kind thinking/wishing/wanting to be losing the weight a little faster.

I'm taking in anywhere from 1800 to 2000 calories a day, and with the hour at the gym plus all of the rest of the stuff I usually do around the house, I burn between 2400 and 2700 calories a day.

Why is the weight not coming off?!?!

Grrrr - but 1) its been only 3 weeks and 2) towards the end of the week I stopped pushing myself as hard.

Well I can alter the latter. So today at BodyPump - I upped the weights, and I'm so glad I did.

My arms, glutes, calves and shoulders were burning by the end of class, but I know that I  pushed it a little and that I did a good thing with it. :)

So I'm going to keep the weights where they are until they feel light, and keep with my plans and goals. :)

Just have to keep focused, and as my torture, I mean work out partner says - Its a marathon, not a sprint. :)

See ya!!!

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