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So  today was BodyFlow. It was our first class.

It was pretty nice. The class was small and the teacher was really informative, except that she's like 5'2" and as limber as a wet noodle.

Me - not so much. I'm 6'2" and the only limber thing on me are my hips and I'm attributing that to child birth.

So during our tai chi, pilates and yoga conglomeration we're supposed to transition smoothly. Ha!

I do not transition well from anything to downward dog, and transitioning from downward dog to plank is laughable.

My transition to said poses was more of a jerky hitch movement. Oh well. I tried. I sweated my butt off and there is no way I'm going to be able to do the crane pose.
I hurt just thinking about trying to do it.

I have also decided that Saturday morning is when I'll do my weigh-in's, so hopefully I'll start to see even more improvement then. :)

Oh! But I can rock this pose!

Yep - its the corpse pose! 

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