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Zumba, Zumba, ZOOOMBA!!!!

I had such a great time at class today!


We had a substitute instructor today - it was Dana.

This would be the same Dana that told me I was cheating myself last week.

I like her, sometimes - ok most of the time, but I really liked  her today in Zumba. :)

She pulled out those little wrap things with all the coins on them and handed them out to about half of the class (there were 45 in class today). We were going to jingle jangle our butts and hips into heaven today. :)

So I picked an orange one. Shocking, I know. I would never pick orange. :) Oh if you're wondering why I'm smiling over this, go check out my craft blog, Straight Stitches, to see why. :)

So I tied my orange jingle jangle thing around my hips and waited. Luckily, my girlfriend who goes with me also had a jangling butt so we sashayed a bit to see just how noisy we'd be. :)

We didn't have to wait long. We started out of the gate with a full gallop and it was fun. :)

We shuffled, hopped, mambo'd, salsa'd and shook our way throughout the hour.

Dana was was really easy to follow and she projects really well so you know when she's changing up the moves.

I did get a cramp today, first one in two weeks, but I worked through it and took a few more water breaks and I was good. I must've sweated out at least 2 pounds today, but it was worth it. I  have not had that much fun at the gym ever.

Of course, we left the gym just before noon, so the kids were asking for McD's. So I had McD's for lunch but it was a grilled chicken club, so at least I did ok there. :)

I'm excited about tomorrow's class because it's BodyFlow and we haven't taken that yet, but I'm excited.

Oh and it also doesn't hurt that the hubs noticed I was getting thinner. :) Love him.

Oh I have to give the hubs props too, because he dragged his butt to the gym at 6 this morning to meet with his personal trainer, and she tortured him. She also scolded him for not eating breakfast, which is what I do too, but apparently its ok for her to do that  because he's paying her to get him in shape and to yell at him.

I don't see what the problem is because  I'll yell for free. :)

Well, I'm off to peel off this gym clothes and get ready for the pool this afternoon!

See you guys later!

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