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Checkin' In.

Well there's not much to report on.

We met with a personal trainer and got some good tips about planning out our workouts and what to include.

I found out that I suck at  one of the machines. I have no idea which machine it is, but its the one where you support yourself on your forearms and then lift your knees/legs up and work your lower abdomen. I suck at this exercise. I can't even support myself.

My girlfriend has to hold one of those large yoga balls for me and I bounce my knees up as high as I can go, because I'm so uncomfortable on this machine. She's my ball holder. *snicker* :)

In other news - I'm the mayor of our gym on 4square. I've been 29 times. Actually I've there more, but I've checked in that many times. :) yay!

Ok so I'm done rambling. Its time to head out to the bus stop to get my big guy!

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