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First Tuesday of September...

My baby went to school today. For the first time. EVER.

It was hard on me. I cried all the way to the gym after watching him board the bus this morning. Then I cried a little more after Harrison asked where Dev was when we were packing up to leave the gym. I had to give him Dev's blanket, and that seemed to quiet him down.

Then Dev came home and asked to play the Wii. Before he headed down to the basement - he asked Harrison if he wanted to come, to which Harrison said, "uh-huh".

"Did you miss me today Harrison?"  "Uh-huh"

"I missed you too, but now we're together so its ok."

Isn't that enough to melt your heart?!?!? I mean - seriously?!?! My 5 year old has the sweetest, most kindest and sincerest heart that I know. He's such a good boy, an amazing big brother and one of the apples of my eye.

I love you so much Devlin!

Here's the big guy on his first day of school. He was very coordinated. :)


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