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Never Forget...

For a day as beautiful as today there should not be solemnity to it, but 10 years ago, the day was just as gorgeous and sunny.

Everyone remembers where they were. I have trouble remembering what happened yesterday, but I know exactly where I was.

I was working at an environmental law firm as a secretary, and our office bordered Dulles Airport - like our parking lot ended at the 6 foot tall chain link fence with barbed wire on top of it and federal property signs all over it.

I remember checking MSNBC for updates. I remember scrambling to get the only tv in the office working only to realize that the antenna was busted. Then leaving the office for KMart to get an antenna and just stopping the car on route 50 and watching the planes land. Dozens and dozens of planes were landing, all at once, and our office was in direct line of the flight path. I remember wondering what the heck was going on and what would happen now.

Watching all those planes land was scary for me. I was 19.

I remember trying to get a hold of my best friend. Her father worked at the Pentagon. I couldn't get a hold of her. I did finally get a hold of her, and her father escaped the Pentagon as the ceiling of his office caved in. He walked to his parents' home in Alexandria.

My mom called my office and told me to come home. She wanted everyone home. So I obliged and went home.

My sisters were in school and the school was locked down. We lived in a suburb of DC. How many student's parents worked at the Pentagon. A lot. The government is the biggest employer here. My father was at work, but he worked in Columbia, MD and couldn't get home to us.  My sisters were finally sent home, and Mom kept us all close for the rest of the day. We didn't leave the house. We sat with Mom and watched TV.

Our thoughts and  prayers continue for everyone affected by the events from a decade ago.


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