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Marabou Wreath!

So the wreath I have front and center above the mantle seriously took like 5 minutes to make. Its quick and easy and super versatile. You could have a fun Christmas wreath out of the marabou or a proper feather boa.

You will need some supplies, and luckily they're not to expensive.

Here's what you'll need:

  • 2 feather or marabou boa
  • MDF wreath form
  • Hot glue and gun
  • Halloween decorations
I hit up Michael's for the wreath form and some of the Halloween decorations, Hancock Fabrics for the boas (sale!) and the Dollar Store for some more of the decorations.

What you're gonna do:

  1. I glued my spiderweb to the center of the wreath form. Then glued one end of the boa to the back of the wreath form. 
  2. Now just wrap away. You can pick how tight you wrap, but I did two wraps per spiderweb section. If you want it tighter or fuller, you'll need more boas. Glue the other end of the boa to the backside of the form when you get there. Then repeat for the next boa. 
  3. Tuck your other decorations in and glue them down. Then enjoy!


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