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Popped my cherry

Well I did it. I finally ran outside with the fresh air, the sun shining and the squirrels scurrying around. It was wonderful and difficult at the same time. The route I took is near my house and is not flat. There are flat sections but that's it. Even considering the inclines and such I still avereged a 15:24 pace for the length of the run, which I think is pretty impressive considering that my knee and calf were giving me some problems.

I really need to figure that out. I may try to stop by The Running Store today to figure out my gait and possible solutions.  We'll see how the day pans out. Both the hubs and my big guy have flu-like symptoms but so far me and small fry are doing ok. *knocks on all the wood she can find*

In other news, I'm down to 278!!!!! That's 18 pounds baby! Yes, I'm slightly ecstatic about this because I'm also starting to see it. I mean really see it. The belt is getting pulled tighter and the butts of my jeans are really getting baggy. Not to mention that my arms are firming up. I'm so very pleased with myself.

I'd still like to hit the gym to get in my weight work but that might wait until tomorrow.

Toodles y'all!

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