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Going insane....

You know how it's sometimes really hard to motivate yourself back into a workout routine after a hiatus? Yea. I do too.

It's been 6 weeks since my last run. Not counting the quick dash/race I did with the big guy at the beach. It lasted maybe 40 seconds.

So today I went for a run. No reasoning with myself or talking myself into or out of it. I just went.

It felt amazing until I got a 1/2 mile into it and my knees started tightening up and my hips, my right one especially, started taking up the knees' chorus. It sucked, but I was determined to make it to the stop sign at about the halfway point of my run. So to keep myself motivated I insulted and railed at myself. Out loud. Breathing hard and spitting occasionally at myself.

I must have sounded and probably looked like an insane person. It worked though. I didn't just run to the stop sign; I ran the whole damn course. Despite my lower joints complaining and whining the whole time.

I've never done that. I've never been able to run the whole 2 miles nonstop. Despite the pain and the berating myself it felt amazing. I averaged 1:44 faster than my last 7 runs. Can you believe that?

Even though I'm sore now, it was totally with it.

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