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Full circle.

So it's been 9 years and 8 days since I first said "I do," and I have come full circle. Weight wise at least. My most recent weigh in came in at 227.8. That's my wedding weight.

It's kind of odd. I'm not used to seeing this body attached to me. I'm actually in disbelief. I wanted to be at this weight a month ago but what's another month in the scheme of things?

Not much, but what I wasn't expecting was my reaction to the additional weight loss. I'm totally happy with the it but what I wasn't expecting was the anxiety to return.

The sane, logical side of me knows what's going on. I'm stressed and therefore freaking out about ridiculous things. I have no workout schedule. I'm barely hanging onto my diet. My kids are growing up without me it seems. In short, I feel disconnected and its screwing with my balance. Hate doesn't even begin to describe the distaste I have for this phenom right now.

The emotional, psycho side of me wants to curl up in a ball with my family, the tv, chocolate, coffee, nachos, fuzzy slippers, and a blanket big enough for all of us and never move again. Cause that's totally plausible. *eye roll*

Sigh. I need to get my head screwed on straight. I need to charge forward like I *always* do. I need to find my way.

Anyone have a map?

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  1. Congrats Heather! You are doing great! And you are still one of the most hands-on moms I know despite your always hectic schedule. You have done a wonderful job in your endeavors and I know you can do anything else you put your mind to! Enjoy your win!