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Happy Halloween Y'all!!!

Its been an adventuresome couple of months here, but hopefully the changes will be dying down. I went back to work for a spell, and then the hubs got a job, so I left said job to go back to staying at home and so far its been awesome. Except  for, ya know, the hurricane conditions.

Luckily, I had Halloween set up before Sandy decided to visit, and even more lucky is that we did not lose power. It flickered and what not, but never went out, so I'm just going to thank my lucky stars for that.

So here's our Halloween decor! Pay no mind to the mess......I had to rearrange the rooms on Sunday.

 I reused stuff that I've had in years past, with the addition of my red apple. I had grand illusions of doing an Evil Queen themed mantle, and well that was my addition. :)

 Oh for the table I did add a new purple owl. Love the $1 section at Target!

 So there's the buffet in the dining room. I'll be showing more of  the dining room later, but as you can see - its been painted again. :)

And that was Hurricane Sandy at about 3 or 4 on Monday. It got much worse later through the night, but thankfully we got through unscathed.

I'll be posting more often because I have actually gotten projects done while I was working I just didn't have time to post them!

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  1. Love the decor! Awesome!

    Happy Halloween!