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Thanksgiving Mantle

I'm getting back into the swing of things here at home, and I'm excited to share my Thanksgiving mantle with all of you guys.

Its more toned down version of what I usually do, but I'm finding myself trending back towards a more uncluttered look.
 I am really loving how simplistic the whole thing is. I am also loving the little touches here and there of color.

 I really love this. I saw the idea on and its a Thanksgiving tree (cause you know I'm a sucker for anything tree). We cut out some leaves and each wrote what we're thankful for. Devlin elected himself as Harrison's honorary writer, and here are some of our leaves. Ok, they're all the boys' leaves, but I love this! It was fun taking them out last week after Sandy came through to find the perfect branches.

Here's another change: I brought back these curtains. If you recall I changed these curtains out just after Christmas of last year, and now they're back. I'm so glad I kept them, because they lend a warmer feel to the room than the other curtains.

Here's my little guy again, cheesing it up for the camera. Seriously, I have to stop pulling out the camera when he's awake, because every time he sees it he tries to bogart it and repeatedly says, "cheese!", until I take his picture. Its cute at first. Then its just annoying. He does take a nice picture though. :)


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