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A Pair of Trees...

This year I seem to have a penchant for trees. All sorts of trees.

I also have a plethora of ribbon and cinnamon sticks and a couple of paper mache' trees.  I also have a crap ton of glue sticks.

Enter my very first ribbon tree! I used gold, silver, bronze and copper ribbons on it and I'm pretty in love with it. I like how the ribbons react differently to light. One picture with with the flash the other is without. I love all the shimmer! I didn't love building of this tree. There is a reason people use styrofoam trees for this craft. I may not have any fingerprints left on my hands after this project.

 I also really like the smell of cinnamon throughout the house, so with my cinnamon sticks I glued them to the smaller tree. He's a little rustic looking and totally divine smelling.
So those are my little trees. Just a another little punch of my Christmas decorating. I'm so excited to share the whole house with you guys.


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