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Blousing over...

So apparently I forgot to post this up back at the beginning of December. I am happy to brag that now I'm 218 and that's almost 80 pounds lost!!

Well I don't know how many of you read my other blog, Muffin Top in VA, but I'm going to brag a bit today.

I'm back down to my wedding weight! Yep, 9 years have come and gone for the hubs and I and I'm back where I started.

That's 70 pounds lost! I'm back into a size 16. I can shop at reasonably priced stores again! Yay!

But (there's always a but isn't there?) I am on a budget. In order to replace all of the clothes I just recently donated, I'd need several hundred dollars to spare, and since my car decided that after 160,000 miles she just needed a new engine, I don't have several hundred dollars. What I do have is a crap  load of fabric. Probably several hundred dollars worth of fabric.

So its time to bust into it!
You guys  have seen the skirt before, but the blouse is new! I have another one in fuchsia just like it. Its a great blouse, maybe a little large in the waist (I'm creeping closer to that 14 size there!), but otherwise a very wonderfully versatile top!

Its a 3/4 sleeve which is great, because I don't typically like my sleeves sitting right at my wrists. Its also got an interfaced button placket in front and decorative top stitching.


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