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Family Portraits!

Do you know that its been two years since we had family portraits? I know. I'm terrible.

I did rectify that this year though! One of my friends is a absolutely wonderfully talented photographer and she did our portraits this year! Thank you so much Leilani! Leilani's site is Leilani Photography and if you're in the Northern Virginia area then you should definitely give her a call!

I love how all of our pictures came out, and what's better we got to visit my old stomping grounds. So here are some of the wonderful shots! Some of these shots Leilani added artistic touches to and some  of them I did. The shots I added some photoshop actions to are the first 4.

 These pictures are all now hanging on my gallery wall. I have the 3 of the boys in a collage, and I love that they're all against that old wooden door.

 I love this picture of the hubs and I. We don't have many pictures of us together, and being as how this month (actually Dec. 4th) is the 10th anniversary of when we got engaged, I figured having more than 4 shots of us together is probably something that needs to be rectified.
There are so many train tracks around where we live, and the boys absolutely love when the trains come through, so its pretty awesome that we were able to get this shot.

Because Harrison was done. Here's what he thought was more fun than having pictures taken with his family.

Thanks again to Leilani for taking our pictures!


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  1. Beautiful family and great photos! You look fantastic!