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Resolutions and routines....

Wow. I can't believe that it's been a month since I've posted up something health related here.

Luckily I got a cold at the end of Christmas break that helped me return to my holiday starting weight. Yay me. It's always good to lose a couple of pounds because of illness, right?

However, even tho I weigh less than I did, the lack of exercising has definitely taken a toll. I need to tone up and stick to the routines I've already established with eating and snacking. So where does that leave me for resolutions? Well obv I want to lose those last 30 pounds, but I have no idea if those 30 pounds are going to be say to lose or not so I guess my resolution will be to keep at it.

Speaking of routines......I started power 90 again. I know this is like the third reboot for this but seriously I know I can stick with it for longer than 9 days. It's personal now, and pool season will be here before you know it and I'm contemplating getting a bikini this year. Eeeeeek!

I am also going to give myself a little extra incentive. Over achiever that I am, I'm going to buy some gold star stickers and for every day that I workout and follow the power 90 schedule I'm going to give myself a gold star. I'm really still a kindergartner at heart. :-)

I took new measurements today and for the most part I'm pretty happy with them. I'm not happy that I've lost some of the definition in places but hey, I'm working on it. So here are the new measurements:
Bust - 42"
Waist - 37"
Hips - 47"

So I guess it's time to list out my goals for the next week.

1) stick to the power 90 routine.
2) drink more water!
3) get caught up on laundry.
4) Keep up with the house
5) keep whittling down my list of projects
6) get used to wearing my new glasses.
7) catalog more of the outfits I make

7 things works for me. Oh and since goal 6 was mentioned I guess I'll share the new glasses with y'all. My eye sight has gotten worse. Well I'm still far-sighted but my near-sighted vision has gotten worse and my right eye is now sporting a slight astigmatism. Yay! Getting older rocks. :-/

Oh an I guess I'll share the beginning power 90 photo.

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