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Making you think

As I think over and review my journey so far, I am amazed at some of the transformations, and I'm not just talking about the physical ones. I'm talking about the changes that have occurred with my thinking and basic outlook.

It has become second nature to make healthier food choices. It has also come to pass that if I start to falter on my workout routine that I literally start feeling sluggish, even if its only been a few days. I've become an endorphin junky, but that's ok because I'm also happier more often and not just the I'm content happy, the I'm grinning for no reason happy.

People, even people I don't know but see on a semi-regular basis, have complimented and told me how much I've changed and it makes me feel wonderful but it also stirs up feelings of wanting to spread the wealth. I want the people I love to have this same euphoric feeling. So I start nudging and prodding and enticing some of them to exercise and make healthier choices.

It's not been an easy road. There has been resistance and some instances of strife, but on the whole I've managed to influence a few and its wonderful feeling! Their triumphs inspire me to keep going and to keep pushing. Their hesitation and trepidation inspire me to want to reassure them and cheer them and lift them up. Their lows enable me to help them see the changes that have already occurred and remind them why what they've already accomplished is so amazing.

By helping someone else, I'm only furthering my resolve and devotion to a healthier lifestyle. Now to say that when I come upon some insurmountable resistance I'm not taken down a few notches and angered by it would be a lie, but I have to remind myself that not everybody is ready to make this enormous change.

Looking back, the hardest thing to do was to drag myself to the understanding that I was unhappy with myself and the only person that could do anything about it was standing in the mirror. Once I got over my fear failing and committed myself to the gym I was paying; easing into the lifestyle was easy. I met new people and some of those people have become dear friends, respected teachers or fellow gym mates that sweat alongside you.

This weekend I was privileged enough to witness the first leaps of faith by none other than my mom. She attended her first Zumba class with me and despite being the "new" girl, she rocked the class with everything she had to give. She was tired and sweaty, but she accomplished something so amazing that I was on a high from her accomplishment.

There are not words for how proud and humbled I am by my mother. She has mapped out a plan, but more importantly she's accomplished that first terrifying step. It's not that walking 3 miles with me every Saturday is not an accomplishment, because it is, but more so that she got up in front of 30+ people and danced her way into a hot, sweaty mess and enjoyed it.

I am so excited for the future and what it holds for all of the people I hold dear but I have to say I'm a little more ecstatic about the changes I know some of them will see because of their decision to get active and get healthy.

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