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Power 90: 3-4

Today, I started segment 3-4 of Power 90 and I'm kind of scared by the fact that my fears were almost spot on. Its longer (not a big deal), its harder (forgone conclusion), its going to  kill me with all of its push-ups and if that doesn't do me in then the squats will definitely be the trigger.

I don't know if I've mentioned before my loathing of push-ups, but I'm going to rehash that particular hang up. I DON'T LIKE THEM! I'm not very good at them, they make my lower back hurt (I know I should work on strengthening that too), I feel like my left elbow is going to dislocate after about 8 of them, which makes the max push-up segment TERRIBLE.

14 years ago, I was in a fairly bad car wreck and broke my left arm into a bunch of pieces about 1/2" above my elbow and right next to a nerve cluster. When my arm was set (a week after the wreck) my elbow was twisted and I lost some range of motion and fine motor control. Through PT and healing, I was eventually able to do everything I had done, but I had to relearn it. Shooting free throws after the accident hurt my elbow, so I had to learn  to shoot them so that my elbow didn't hurt and pop every time. For someone who loves to play basketball, this sucked. This also affects push-ups, which are the devil, and how much my elbow hates me after doing a few. I need to do some research about alternate push-up positions. I already do the knees down ones, but seriously, besides getting a brace for that elbow (it'll go nicely with my knee brace) I need to figure something out.

Anyways, yesterday I showed off some comparison pictures on the book of faces, so I figured I could share them here too. :)
I really didn't think there'd be that much of a change in 30 days, but I was wrong. I'm really excited about what the next 30 days bring, except for those darn push-ups.

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