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So my last post shared that I'm now preggo. You know what the problem with that is? I'm competitive. With myself.

I think the problem is starting to become clearer. 6 weeks ago I was in the best shape of my life and headed for even better fitness and well being. I was able to consistently meet PRs and goals.

Fast forward to now. I'm almost 12 weeks pregnant and showing. My back has started hurting along with my round ligament and I just don't have the stamina I did. I get tired super easily and overheated. The internal body temp thing is completely whacked out and it's playing havoc with everything.

I need to keep reminding myself that I'm not at the level I was. I'm on a new level. A pregnant level and dammit anything I do exercise-wise is awesome and rocks. Even if it means a 16 minute mile (ack!)

So here I am, after my workout, sitting in the lounge area of the gym waiting for my mom to finish her class so I can scarf down whatever deliciousness the hubs has made because the 45 minute workout I just did has made me ravenous and I will not allow myself to go to 5 guys again and gobble up a little bacon cheeseburger like I did after Zumba. Even tho it was heavenly and delicious.

Ok so there's my check in. Oh and does anyone know why after an hour in the sun today my back looks like a freaking lobster? Cause a sunburn is just what I needed. :-/

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