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So ya know, I had a plan.

I had a good plan. It was going to rock, because I was finally going to be not overweight or obese anymore. I was going to rock a bikini for the first time, since oh the hubs and I were dating.

It was going to be marvelous.

Then bammo! I'm talking to Mom and we start talking about monthly cycles and I start thinking.......Hmmmm, shouldn't mine have been here by now? Am I late? Crap, I hope I'm not late. Great now I have to run to the store. C R A P

So after this happened.
Which, coincidentally, is how I told my sister and the hubs. First words - Oh crap.

You see we weren't trying. Really was kind of rounding the "we're done with children" corner. Its never been easy for us to get pregnant. Its always taken work and then a lot of praying. This is my 6th pregnancy. Its my first pregnancy that's had a heartbeat without following a miscarriage. Its weird and took a bit of getting used to the fact that we're having another baby. We'd started donating all of our baby stuff. Like I said, we were rounding the corner.

So now all of my plans have changed. Obv I'm not dieting anymore, and I'm totally not eating as healthy as before, it is not my fault that Taco Bell makes me feel better, blame the baby. I'm also eating more, but luckily (?) the morning sickness was so bad that I did end up losing weight the first several weeks anyways. I've gained all of it back and then a pound or two, but I'm also trying to get back into my exercising.

Now that I'm feeling better again, its time to get this butt in gear and try and keep up exercising so I don't end up back where I was after small fry was born. Granted, I'm starting this pregnancy MUCH lighter than either of my other two pregnancies that went to term, but even still.....I am hoping not to have another heavy-weight baby like Devlin either. I gained a total of 17 pounds with Devlin, who was then slightly over 10 pounds, so really ending up only 7 pounds heavier than when I started was not bad. With Harrison it was better? I gained 6 pounds with him, and he ended up weighing 7 pounds, so right off the bat I was down a pound.

Not that I'm advocating anything here, but I'm going to be honest that I dislike being pregnant. From the fatigue, to the morning sickness and then a host of other fun things that all my mom-friends will commiserate with me on being pregnant sucks. There are cool parts. Feeling the baby move (at first, then it just becomes annoying), freaking out your husband or other children when the baby decides to roll over and them going WTH? Shopping for new baby is fun and nesting is fun, at least for me, but these first few months...No, thank you.

Oh here's a fun part about show sooner. Joy. At least I can wear some of my fat clothes again and be completely comfortable while I chow down on my Taco Bell. Of course, I donated most of those clothes too. More shopping.

Well that's my post for today. Tomorrow I hit the gym again. I plan on going to the gym 3 days this week. I don't know what my plan is, but I imagine there'll be some jogging/walking on the treadmill and maybe I'll hit the weights. Don't know, but I'm going and that's half the battle.

See you guys later!

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  1. So proud of you for planning to keep up with the gym! :) It was so hard for me to even walk regularly with both of my pregnancies. I think I may have a bag with some of the maternity clothes you gave me in our basement. Let me know if you want them back!

    Also: we still have Nolan's car seat (with 2 bases and a snap-n-go stroller) that isn't expired. I gave first dibs to Melissa and Jake, but they're due in July and still haven't let me know for sure, so please let me know if you want it, I'll be happy to get it out of my basement! Along with his swing and other baby accoutrements! I, unfortunately, gave away all the newborn-6 months clothing, but I do have almost every for AFTER those ages if you want that stuff as well. As you can probably tell.. I'm definitely done with the babies.. and the hubby with be making an appt with the urologist this time next year to make SURE of that! LOL