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Thinking Ahead........

Yay for being in the 2nd trimester. FINALLY.

I'm feeling more and more human, even if my sinuses are now bombarding me. Yay for Virginia! Stupid pollen state. Its so bad this year, that even the boys are asking for help blowing their noses. That's not only shocking, but scary as to the crisis their noses must be in. I, for one, am tired of washing shirts that from shoulder to hem have snot streaks down them.

I am not going to talk about snot streaks or sinuses today though. I'm starting to plan. We will be finding out the flavor of fetus in a few weeks, and with this impending news I've been thinking. About nurseries.

Now I'm not pulling for one flavor over the other. I want healthy. A girl would be a new challenge, but a boy, well a boy would be old hat, and I found the absolute perfect inspiration board and room for our guy, if he is a guy.
So some back story about why I love this so much. My dad is a rocket engineer, and one of his rockets just had a successful test flight out of Wallops Island. Yay! My boys love space. Dev is fascinated by the solar system and wants to be a meteorologist (who knows what they want to be in kindergarten?). Harrison has decided he just wants to go to space. That will probably change but he said it, so I'm going with it. Steve also likes it, but I secretly think its because he's hoping to sneak in some Star Wars stuff. :)

Visiting LemonDropLife also led me to LayBabyLay, a site I'd never heard of but am totally in love with now!

So here are the inspiration boards I like from LayBabyLay!

This is the same board that LemonDropLife used for her nursery. There are so many things I love here, but mostly I love the happy pop of yellow!

So for a girl, there are a couple of options. I want butterflies. I know. Its been done. A lot, but I like them and all their fluttery glory, but I also like glam, vintage, sparkly and shiny. All those things can go together right?

I love how happy this room is! I also love all the PINK!!!! If you guys remember the rest of my house, there's also a fair amount of orange in it, so obv I love orange too. I don't know that Steve is on board with this, but we're just brainstorming here.

Ok I'm not at all in love with the bunny theme here, but the bunny can get replaced with butterflies. I like the pops of color against a neutral, and seriously.....that dresser is amazing. Love that dresser, and guess who has 3, maybe 4 dressers hanging around her garage and house that are waiting for some love. Steve is so happy about that circumstance. :-/

So there are some of the ideas we're batting around right now. Like I said there are others, but there is a small child asking for hot chocolate and he's probably waited for me long enough to finish up this post. :)


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