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Well that was unintended......

So its been a bit over a month since anything has been posted. Oooops.

Life has a way of getting in the way, or ya know, putting up a huge cinder block road block that says, "HEY! Pay attention to me!"

Well guess what life threw into our way?
Yep, that's a blueberry. Or a frog, depending on who you ask.  :) Our new bundle is going to arrive sometime in October, which is also why absolutely squat has gotten done for the last several weeks. Yay for morning sickness. And fatigue! Can't forget that one.

Thankfully the first trimester is almost over and I'm starting to feel a smidgen better. We find out next month what flavor the berry is which should be interesting as everyone, absolutely everyone, is rooting for team pink.

What does this mean for the changes we just made to the boys' room? Well, unfortunately they're going to have to lose their playroom, but luckily the walk-in closet in their room is a reading nook right now, so after some toy editing there should be plenty of room for them and their toys. :)

Ok so that's my update, and hopefully I'll be sharing some more projects here soon, once I get them done. :)


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