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New Furry Friends

So 2 weeks ago, Dev saw a guinea pig. It was love at first sight apparently. So for the next week he studied and readied himself for pet ownership. He approached us with a well thought out request and passed all of our tests.

He's also gotten quite capable with said new pets. He takes care of them. I help here and there, but only with such things as refilling the hay wheel and figuring out why the water bottle won't stop leaking (fur was the culprit last time).

Here are our new friends. Yep there are 2 because H wanted one, and he's super cute. :)
 Harrison's guinea pig is named Bee. He also named Mom's fish, Mouse. He seems fascinated with naming animals with other animal names. Dev's is named Pika, who is not quite as docile as he would have had us thought. :)

 Here are the boys with their pets! Aren't they all so cute? Well I think so. :)

Maybe one of these days I'll get around to taking pictures of their new room set up.

Have a great day guys!


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  1. Funny. I know a couple of other people that name their furry charges after other animals. Badger and Bruin...;)