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So today the boys are tackling the play room, I helped this morning, but now they are tackling it by themselves because I found a precious beyblade amongst some of their random toys. I must say.....they're tossing more than they're keeping. With. No. Argument.

Bliss, I tell you. Of course, this morning kicked my butt. I was tired by 10 AM. I did get up at 6:10 in my defense.

So here are some 'clean' pictures of the playroom.

This room is going to get transformed into Little Miss's room, so there's some work that needs to be done. Of course, I did say these were the 'clean' pictures. When we started this morning you couldn't even get into the room without tripping on something. Why are the boys helping me? Because they proceeded to tell me that they didn't need to clean up the room because the house cleaners we have come twice a month would do it for them. Ha Ha.

I told the hubs to cancel the cleaners, and the boys were going to help me clean, just to show them why they need to keep things clean even if we do have cleaners. Yesterday, they helped with 6 loads of laundry from start to finish and cleaned up their room. Today they tackled their room again, the playroom and helped me vacuum. Tomorrow? Well, we'll see how this momma feels, cause right now a break would be awesome.

We're editing a lot of the toys out of this room, simply because we lack the space for all of them. Fortunately, a lot are broken or lost, and half of the rest simply aren't played with. We're going to donate about 6 garbage bagfuls of toys, and Dev said to me today, "We're going to make a lot of kids happy by giving these away." *tear*

I can't wait to get to the next phases of this transformation.


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  1. This post made me laugh. Way to keep those kids grounded! A++, hot mama!