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The nursery so far!

Its been a bit since I've posted anything, but I'll tell you what! I have been using the time wisely and the nursery is almost ready! No, we don't have clothes or a car seat yet, but hey....I have a crib and a glider so Rae will be able to eat and sleep. Two very important things. Course that doesn't address the issue of getting home from the hospital, but all in due time *snicker*

So there's maybe 10 weeks before Ms. Rae debuts and there's only one thing left for her room, and I think maybe I've figured how I want to tackle it, but for now I'm going to show off what we've done to date. So beware of a lot of pictures.
 Some of the trim didn't want to come down. I had to beat.....with a hammer.

 Some of the walls didn't fair to well either. Thank goodness for spackle and sandpaper!

 Next up was paint! My small fry helped out a bit too. he's not too shabby with a roller.
 Its very important to have a dog lie down in the middle of your work area. It makes things go smoother. I swear she's the only dog that isn't afraid of a saw.
 So here's the new built-in framed in. Hubs did a good job and we figured out just how out of square her room is.
 Then the base cabinets. My time as kitchen designer was put to good use here. One can learn a lot in 3 months!
  Harrison and Hubs are having a serious discussion about shimming and leveling up the bookcases.
 All leveled up and ready for the moulding!!!

 Moulding makes all the difference in the world! And a good helping of caulk will hide all the gaps and what not. On to paint!
 First coat.
 Second coat.
Third coat.

I have never been so happy to finish painting something in my life.
 Some trinkets start to spruce up the shelves. The purple flowers are leftovers from Dae's wedding (7 years ago!), the rattle is my baby rattle that my grandfather made me, and some of Steve's old books are up there. There's also a nice collage of my great-grandmother, grandmother, Mom and I going on in the picture frame. Plus my baby blanket up top. Lots of room for more stuff!

 One old dresser + one old mirror + black paint and white accents = amazing!  The dresser was originally H's dresser from when this was his nursery, the mirror goes to my dresser, but I don't use it, because I have a gargantuan mirror in my bathroom. Oh yea, the ikea lamp is also from H's nursery, but I wrapped some blue beads from walmart around its base to pretty it up.
 Here are the boys' christening outfits. I love how the little touches of blue tone down the potential girliness of the pink and aqua. I also love that I was able to include something of theirs into her space.
Here's a canvas I painted up for her. I did some web searches for a fun little phrase for above her crib and I like this one's sentiment.

Here's the crib bedding I made. It was not as big a pain as I imagined it would be, but I still hate working with batting. There's nothing fun about it. Love how it all turned out though!

Here's the view from the doorway! Like that hot pink blanket? I do.....I made it too. Lots of homemade touches in this room. My partner seems to like it as well. I haven't shown off everything, but I'll have some better pics when the room is all done, because I'm going to get the hubs to take the pics with his super fancy camera. Right after he gets done with his last project for the room.

Hope you guys have enjoyed the tour so far.


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