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Into the swing of things

So baby Rae is 3 weeks old and things are getting into a pretty workable routine here. The boys still argue; they just do it a little more quietly. They shut the door to their bedroom when they play up there.

Reagan is getting used to us. She sleeps through the dog barking - at everything, and us fussing at the boys for trying to turn their bedroom into a MMA fight cage. She's also getting better about sleeping at night. She was a might confused there for a bit. 

So as everything is falling back into our new normalcy, I have started being "me" again and I am thrilled. It feels so great to feel like me again, and as such I'm going to share the first of many projects that I've been working on. 

This project was inspired by a pin and lucky for me I had a spare 6 pane window hanging up in my stairwell that needed some love. 
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I first tried addressing the issue if the blazing sun coming through that window by first frosting the glass of my window but that was boring and frankly was really just a half-assed attempt. 

Then inspiration struck. Vellum. I could print a black and white picture on the vellum with our laser printer and out said pictures up in the window. I played with the idea of using vintage advertisements but then I realized I had a 6 pane window and three children and a pinned idea that would work. 

So off I went in search of pictures of the kids. I wanted to keep the pictures similar so I went with pictures of the kids within their first month. I found my pictures, sized them to 8x10 and then printed them out on vellum. Some double-sided tape and voila I was half done with my project. 

The next step of the project was to define the kids' names and make it all look pretty. So a quick google search, some time spent in Photoshop and then I printed off three definitions. I took down my window and lined up my newly printed definitions and pulled out my sharpie paint marker. 10 minutes later I'm able to admire my work with the afternoon sun streaming through it. 

Yep. There are all my babies and the definitions of their names. Apparently hubs and I like the UK. So that's my project and I must say - I really, REALLY like it. Hope you guys do too. 

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