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Getting older sucks. There's no nice way to put it. It. Sucks. Sure, I can do more things than I did, and what I've learned has served me well. There's more to learn and that excites me, but what doesn't excite me is the slow deterioration of my body. Namely, my eyes.

I've had reading glasses for several years now, and I haven't always been the best about wearing them, but I had them and when I did absolutely need them, I wore them.

Then the headaches started. I kind of figured that it was my pregnancy hormones going crazy. So I wore my reading glasses more. Especially while working with fine-detail stuff. The headaches kind of went away, ok not really. Then I gave birth, and it seemed like every other phrase I was uttering was, "I can't see it, bring it closer," which wasn't entirely true. I could see things, I was just having trouble focusing on them. Very annoying, but I chalked it up to being tired, and not getting enough sleep. Ya know, a newborn will do that to you.

Then we got our eyes checked. All of us. All 5 of us at the eye doctor. Fun times. Not. For their part, the boys were very well behaved. Rae was behaved too, but really I was impressed with the boys. We all had our eyes dilated. I didn't see the boys get their drops, but I didn't hear any blood-curdling screams, and hubs said they did well, so I'm going to chalk it up to it went better than anyone imagined it would.

Then came the good news. 3 new pairs of glasses. It will be 4 pairs of glasses next year, but there's no way that glasses would survive Harrison and really there's no point in getting him glasses until he starts reading more. So 3 new pairs of glasses were ordered.

We got them in yesterday. Its kind of nice to be able to see. Dev's and my glasses have the same rule. If you're doing anything but driving (for me) or playing (for Dev) then your glasses are on your face. Sigh. Dev seems to like his. He wasn't too thrilled at the idea of glasses, but I think wearing them at school yesterday made him realize that he needs them.  He looks pretty darn handsome as well.

I was ok with my glasses, until I realized my lenses are thicker than my frames. What the crap? I know my eyes got worse. Ok, maybe a little bit lot worse, but still?!?! Ugh. So now I have to get better about my glasses. Oh and the doc said in a year or two, I'll probably need a different set of glasses for driving and basically seeing far. Awesome. Both extremes of my sight are going. And no, I can't wear the same glasses. They'd be different strengths, so two glasses. Ugh.

Selfie of my new glasses. They're not actually black or grey but purple! 
While reflecting on my poor eyesight and the changes I have to make, it got me thinking about other aspects of my life that I've gotten lazy in. So I'm going to make my New Year's resolution early. I'm going to resolve to work on me. Work on being a better mom, wife and person. I'm going to not live in my gym clothes, even tho I love them and they're comfy. I'm going to try and remember to put on some makeup, even if its just powder. I'm going to allot individual time to each of the kids. Obviously that latter is easier to do with Rae than the boys, but its going to happen, even if I have to put aside what I want to do or am working on. Or maybe just include them in what I'm doing. I'm going to try and stop obsessing that I still have a baby pooch and just work on getting back to where I want (and had) my body at before I got pregnant. Yes, I know its only been two months, but that logic doesn't help because really there is no logic with this obsession about getting back to where I was. I finally had gotten to a place where I liked my body again, and then BAM! You're pregnant. Not that I don't love Rae, because I do but I'm not so in love with what pregnancy did to my body. So that's going to get worked on.

So that's what I'm resolving to do. Oh and I'm signing off till the New Year. I'll be back with some of the Christmas gifts that got made and given!


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