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Reagan's Tree

If you talk to my hubs, he'll tell you I have a sickness when it comes to Christmas and decorating for it. Luckily, I usually ignore him and his quips. I do what I want - usually.  When it comes to buying another Christmas tree, I talk to him. He gets funny about how much Christmas crap we have to store. So this year when I started talking about getting Reagan's tree, I wasn't asking. She was going to get a tree, my dear sweet hubs knew this and didn't even bat an eyelash about it. He's so wonderful. Nope, what I talked to him about was the color of the tree. You see, I had talked to my mom and sister about my idea and they hated it. I didn't much care for their opinion. It obvious that they didn't see my vision, so I talked to hubby about it and he liked my idea! I don't know if he actually liked my idea or if he was just telling me he liked my idea, but either way it bolstered my resolve enough to actually go out and buy the black Christmas tree I had envisioned for Rae's room.

Yep, I said black. I'm so glad I went with the black tree too, because I don't think her Christmas tree would look this amazing with a green, white or pink tree.

About half of the ornaments on this tree were made by us, but the filler ornaments are just some shatterproof numbers from Walmart. You know the kind that you get 24 for $5 or so.

Here's some more decomesh with an ostrich feather center. Love this as the tree topper!
The glittered ornaments were inspired by this {PIN} and I really love the look! I also love that they don't shed glitter like so many of my other ornaments.

The sled ornaments are adorable and really work with the tree. And the larger ornaments are also Walmart specials.

What I don't have a picture of is her completed tree skirt. I had some left over eyelet fabric from when we did her room, so I just whipped up a ruffled 18" tree skirt. Unfortunately she's sleeping and I'm not about to disturb a sleeping baby. Hopefully for the Open House pictures I can snag a quick picture of it.


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