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So day 1 is done and I gotta say it was harder than I thought it would be. I didn't over do it by any means but yea I didn't think it's be as hard as it was. The hubs reminded me that childbirth is not as easy as it looks and that my body went thru some stuff. I think as a mom I forget just what having a baby does to you because you're so consumed with the kids. You simply overlook just what being pregnant has done to you.

I have never worked out this close to being pregnant. Hell I was never in such good shape when getting pregnant and while I didn't think I'd be able to handle the 'advanced' moves, I didn't think the intermediate was out if reach. But it kind of was. It was just a touch too hard. So I stuck with the easy moves and in feeling it today. 

The good feeling of worked muscles. My hips especially are telling me that they were worked. No pain. No stiffness. Just a slight soreness that reminds you that even tho it was 18 minutes - it was 18 minutes well spent. 

I can't wait for today! Oh and I did take a starting picture but I'm not going to share it yet. Not till I have a comparison pic. So 30 days people. 30 days. 

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