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Sledding Time!

Wouldn't it be grand if we got some snow this year? The boys think so. I do too. Too bad we don't have any snow yet, but that doesn't mean we can't bust out
some sleds right? Sled ornaments that is.

I pinned {THIS} little sled ornament a little while ago, and knew that the boys and I needed to tackle this project. I originally thought that our sleds would then be put on the tree that goes in the family room, but they never made it there. I decided after painting the sleds white, that these little guys would look ever so much better on Rae's tree! So after painting them white and then having fun with my black and silver sharpies, I added some hot pink crocheted handles and they ended up on Rae's tree!

The boys really like that Reagan's tree has something they made on it. I like that they actually made the sleds. Unfortunately, Harrison is now a popsicle stick creation monster. Thank goodness these sticks aren't terribly expensive! I don't want to stunt his creativity.


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