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The Stockings Were Hung

I have two sets of stockings. One mom made for everyone, and another set that I made. The ones I made are apart of the family room decor. The set mom made is up front in our living room apart of that decor. Last year I had the genius idea to beef up my banister decorations with Mom's stockings and I loved it. What I didn't love was that darn green garland. It looked nice, but eh. It just didn't do it for me.

So this year, while wandering around Michael's for the umpteenth time this holiday season, I saw some deco mesh stuff that I had to have. Its wheat colored with shots of mettalic gold running through it. Perfect for my living room Christmas decor!

So with a few white pipe cleaners and some patience, a few tries to get just the look I wanted, I ended up with a nice mesh garland on my banister!

All I did was wrap the pipe cleaner around the stiles of the banister and then secure two loops of the mesh to each stile. I then hung the stockings with the same pipe cleaner underneath the mesh. I love how it turned out!

Simple yet stunning!


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